Rules for admission

To agree to abide by all the rules and regulations by the guardian and the concern student is the first pre-condition for the admission in the school.

  • New admissions are taken to the classes from NURSARY to NINE and Class XI & XII.
  • To get a new candidate admitted, guardian should fill out a prescribed Application Form.
  • While filling the Application Form, guardians are required to write down the particulars with the greatest possible accuracy since no change will be made in the given particulars afterwards.
  • A Xerox copy of birth certificate must be submitted to get a new candidate admitted to pre-primary level.
  • A candidate from other school will not be admitted without Transfer Certificate.
  • Candidates seeking admission to Class XI & XII must submit the Character/ Pass Certificate of S.L.C. and XI.
  •  However, an Entrance Test will be taken to ascertain the fitness of the new candidate to get admitted to any of the classes except Nursery.