Fees and fines

Fees may be paid in monthly installment or in advance for the whole session. Those who pay thei fees for whole session in advance in the first month of the session are granted 10% deduction.

Monthly tution fees must be paid within the same month failing which Rs. 10/- will be charged as late fine on each month’s fee.

As for the absent fine, Rs. 5/- is charged for a day’s absent. But those who are absent on the last day before long vacation or on the first day after such vacation are charged Rs. 25/- for a day’s absence as special absent fine. All the consecutive absent days also are considered special absent days.

No student is allowed to appear any of the Terminal Examinations unless all the fees upto the month of the examinations are cleared off. To appear the fourth terminal (Final) examination, students must clear off all the fees for the whole session.